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A Shelf is created with a chest and planks and can be in any of the following woods: Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle, Oak, Spruce.

Name Shelf
Image OakShelf.png
Harvest Axe
Light level 0
Stack Size 64
Ingredients Planks, Chest
Materials Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle, Oak, Spruce

Name Ingredients Recipe
Lamp Any Wood Planks,4 + Chest ,1 RecipeShelf.png
Facts about "Shelf"RDF feed
Block NameShelf +
Harvested byAxe +
Made withPlanks + and Chest +
Main materialAcacia +, Birch +, Dark Oak +, Jungle +, Oak + and Spruce +
Produces light0 +
Stack size64 +